"StellarHE “fits very well into our strategic aim of being a modern civic University where promotion of equality and diversity is a core value, and ensuring that our BAME staff are given the opportunity to develop the required skills to occupy senior level roles is an imperative. My hope is that all participants on this programme are able to harness the knowledge gained on the course to make progress in their careers."

Professor Nigel Weatherill, Vice-Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University


"I highly recommend this programme to BAME colleagues with the talent and energy to drive their own personal and professional leadership development whilst contributing directly to organisational performance and goals. Promoting diversity within senior leadership is an important success factor to us as a University and we look forward to supporting the StellarHE programme"
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Gerry Kelleher, Vice Chancellor, University of Central Lancaster


"I highly recommend this transformational leadership development programme to BME colleagues who are keen to embrace the challenge to further their personal and professional development whilst contributing more directly to the achievement of organisational goals"

Charlotte Croffie, Director of Organisational Development, UCL

"The University of Nottingham invested in a StellarHE programme as a way of kick-starting strategic activity around ethnicity, and because we’d heard about the quality of the programme from others. We used the programme as a platform to enhance working relationships with valued partners and to provide our staff with a flagship programme of real value. We now have a group of motivated and dynamic individuals who are realising more of their leadership potential and, more importantly, sharing this motivation and dynamism with others effectively.”

Katherine Carter, Professional Development Officer - University of Nottingham



"I joined the programme as I felt my career needed reinvigorating, I was also very curious as to how my authenticity could impact my leadership skills. It was this exploration of authenticity that surprised me! Being asked to explore the link between my diverse background and my leadership, was most challenging because at first I couldn't put my finger on it. However, having the opportunity to explore this was extremely powerful - "going back to my roots" so to speak. Another aspect that had a huge impact was the notion of leaving a legacy – as a BME senior manager I've been a 'lone-ranger' and often wondered when I left who would succeed me. When the idea of legacy was brought to my attention, this helped to cement my thinking as to what I could personally achieve to make this happen. StellarHE recognises that BME leaders benefit enormously from leadership programmes that are tailored to our diversity. I think in developing a critical mass of BME leaders who have completed the programme they in turn are positioned to greatly influence their own organisations."

Virinder Lail, University of Nottingham


"I didn’t have any real expectations when I came onto the programme. In my view, it was just another course- but, I was wrong! ‘Inspirational, empowering and transformational' are the three words that I would use to describe the impact of StellarHE. The programme definitely opened my eyes to a new way of leading and positioned me to take control, value my contribution and make the world of work, work in my favour. I can honestly say that the programme was a real turning point, and as a result I‘ve crafted my individual leadership path, built on my strengths and moved from the narrow focus of just doing, to a broad focus of engaging successfully with all of my stakeholders to achieve better outcomes. As an authentic Leader, I emerged with a changed mindset recognising that I am not a victim of my enviroment. Rather, I can shape how I am perceived and communicate what I can contribute the value I bring to my profession. StellarHE inspires BME leaders to ‘go beyond’, expose the value they add and positively contribute to the success of the Higher Education sector."

Marcia Jacks, University College London

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